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seventh circuit affirms summary judgment for freakonomics
. Malicious Statements NoonanStaples, Inc. Seventh Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment for Freakonomics Innocent Construction Rule Applied to Criticism of Academic LottLevitt Virginian.

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nber working paper series the long-run freakonomics
17620 November 2011 JEL No. N17,N47,O10,Z10 ABSTRACT We examine the long-run consequences of the scramble for Africa among European powers in the late 19th century and uncover the following empirical regularities. First, using information on the spatial distribution of African ethnicities before colonization, we show that borders were arbitrarily drawn. Apart from the land mass and water area of an ethnicity's historical homeland, no other geographic, ecological, historical, and ethnic-specific traits .

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how did the recession 2007-2009 affect the freakonomics
17547 October 2011 JEL No. D31,D91,E21,H55,I3,J14,J26,J32 ABSTRACT This paper uses asset and labor market data from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) to investigate how the recent "Great Recession" has affected the wealth and retirement of those in the population who were just approaching retirement age at the beginning of the recession, a potentially vulnerable segment of the working age population. The retirement wealth held by those ages 53 to 58 before the onset of the recession in 2006 .

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